Logistic warehouse in Rubí

In the world of warehousing we are real experts in optimizing global costs of the logistic chain. We store palletized goods or machinery of any kind and dimension.

We pack and unpack any kind of goods; we also pack uncountable goods at a fixed price.
We have loading and unloading docks, we made preparation of orders, made labels of sort and picking for distribution, we made unloading and palletized of containers. We also perform inverse logistics (returns, leftovers).


almacen rubi ot logistic
  • Pallet and machinery storage.
  • Unloading and palletizing of containers.
  • Expeditions

Picking and handling

picking ot logistic
  • Picking for distribution
  • Order Preparation
  • Classification and labelling with barcode
  • Material handling and reconditioning

Bonded warehouse

Long-term or temporary storage of machinery or products for vacations, production points or excess stocks.

We process your merchandise as if it were in your facilities, adapting to your work system.