Transport with crane trailer

The crane trailer transport service is designed to handle large weights and dimensions. The main applications are:

  • Industrial transportation
  • Transportation of work booths and containers
  • Movement of all types of machinery

Our crane trailers support up to 50Tm, and have a crane with or without a boom. In addition, we have boxes without sides in order to facilitate the transfer of machinery.

transporte con trailer grúa

In short, it is the right service to move or transport large volumes of weight and dimensions.

Our crane trailers are equipped with the latest technology to offer maximum safety. We subject our vehicles to constant quality controls. In addition, all of them follow the safety regulations related to work equipment.

At OT Logístic we have extensive experience in crane trailer transport. Throughout all these years we have acquired an experience that we apply to our day to day.

Specialized staff

Our staff is specialized in transporting heavy machinery. The job of handling heavy goods is a job that has to be carried out carefully due to the large weights that have to be moved.

This is the only way we can guarantee the success of the transfer, loading and unloading of your merchandise. In short, we offer costumise solutions, we can do this because of our tailored transfer service for your company or facilities.

Do you need a transportation service?

If you require a crane trailer transport service, you can contact us. We will study your case in order to offer you the best possible solution.

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